Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Favourite Scene 2 of Favourite Film #1

This scene shows the dreams of a woman completely and utterly crushed. April believes that by running away to Paris her problems will be solved because she will have something different, they will be somewhere different but she's pregnant and now that's not possible. The last line "can't leave, can't stay, no damn use to anyone" was used in a short story I wrote called 'Once Upon A Time There Lived A Girl Who Wanted To Die' that was published in The Cadaverine. I used it because the lead - Alice - feels a connection to books, especially 'Revolutionary Road'. 

'After seven gins she lets it out. "I don't know why we didn't work, Dylan. I do blame myself but I don't think I should really. You're the one who fell in love with someone else, not me. But you told me that I wasn't who I was when we were together. Not my Alice, you said. I hate that I gave myself to you – all of me – and now I feel…broke." And in that moment she knows she should leave. "Can't go, can't stay, no damn use to anyone."
She leaves, and two weeks later she ends up at the cabin.'

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