Saturday, 28 July 2012

Why I Love 'Anonymous': A Controversial Text

It's 00.17 am here, 05.17 back in Wales and as I put 'House of Leaves' back down on my desk - the massive door stop that it is - I listen to the soundtrack to the film Anonymous, composed by Thomas Wander and Harald Kolser. When I mention this film to people they seem to either throw their noses up at it or shrug with disinterest. I watched it with my friends, Elly and Vicky, when the film was over Elly screamed "why did you make me waste two hours of my life?" Because, my dear Elly, it's a great film!

Great in the sense that it is controversial and made all of the Shakespeare snobs go nuts with annoyance. Great in the sense that it gives a fresh, questioning look at who wrote this plays - I'm not going to say great plays as some are just dull. Admittedly, I like the fact that Shakespeare wasn't educated or rich and managed to write this plays - I sympathize with that - but I like the idea of the Earl of Oxford loving writing so much he couldn't stop. I like the fact that Oxford failed at everything else because writing was what he was passionate about, was for him. I like the fact that the only complete love in his life was writing, it didn't involve others. 

It's a great concept - a man desperate to share his art with the world, to be recognized, understood and cannot, not him anyway. Just a short snippet of thought really, I plan on writing more when I return - travelling in two weeks and a lot more reading and reviewing. 

Monday, 16 July 2012


I feel like I have neglected my dear blog. I was thinking about my favourite things in life today - tragic love, Wuthering Heights, Revolutionary Road, the usual - and I thought about my blog, my sad, neglected blog. America is taking the energy out of me but I'm still working - I just finished a story about a sex addict and the theme of my anthology for next year - guilt in relationships - is coming along quite well.

I am also writing more reviews - a lot of reading being done!

More to come soon...and sorry blog.