Wednesday, 3 October 2012

We All Need Some Comedy

Gone Off Mushrooms

It's been a week since I wrote a blog post and I don't think I have a reason why that is, well, one of the reasons is that Grey's Anatomy returned to the screen and I have been sobbing over its sheer brilliance and tragedy. I suppose my blog post today is about a mixture things - a wide ray of thoughts I've had these past couple of days. 

I suppose as writers we spend a lot more time thinking - I know I keeping banging on about how writers always think about writing but we also spend a lot of time thinking about thinking, thinking about life. I am one of those peoples that keeps a journal - I'm on my eighth in fact and I spend a good portion of my day sitting with a pen in my hand, scribbling my thoughts.


Today, a friend asked me why she couldn't be happy. Why she couldn't allow herself to be happy. I suppose in life, sometimes, we can't be happy or more make our own happiness - if life throws us really gone off lemons - or maybe gone off mushrooms like is the name of this post - then you can't really do very much with them but in love, in romance, we can make our own happiness, right? In one of way or another.

In her case she had a guy who really liked her but was still in love with someone else. Why couldn't she just allow herself to fall for the guy who liked her? Who would love her and spoil her and be good to her? Because she couldn't allow herself to do that. Some people could argue it's far easier to be miserable than it is to be sad. In some cases, true. But in this case, she can't be one of those people that just falls in love with anyone. Some people just instantly fall for someone new, some people can be sickly happy and in love. "I met this guy/girl last week," said the face of someone you know is in love. She, my friend, is not simple, she is complex and therefore can't be instantly happy - she models the female characters I write about in my story and is, in fact, the complete opposite to a character I am writing for my dissertation - a character I despise. 


Today, this post is more about thoughts and questions. Why the pictures of crying cartoons? Why the title about mushrooms when I haven't mentioned mushrooms? Well, the title, that came from my friend Joe when we were discussing his age - he's old (don't tell him I told you). Tonight, I share my thoughts that dwindled a little from writing but more focused on the minds of people. A friend of mine did some short stories on human relationships - pretty much what I'm doing with my Independent Project this year. So, I guess, in a way, thinking about human relationships - and gathering thoughts from friends and others - feeds writing. 

But doesn't all aspects of life?